The Bully Safe System was created initially as a solution that parents, especially new ones in my Martial Arts School could access 7 days a week, 365 days a year when their children were being bullied at school and they needed help, support and guidance on dealing with the problems of bullying they faced and needed help right now to stop it, and then I was amazed to find out that many Adults, both parents and students were also experiencing the same thing and needed help, advice and support to deal with it, which when you think about it, if someone is a bully at school, they do not stop being a bully when they leave school, they just move into college, university or the workplace and find new situations to do what they do best-make other peoples lives a misery.

If you are a parent of a child or an adult that is experiencing being bullied you will know exactly what I am talking about. I have now had over 35 years experience of teaching children and adults of exactly how to deal with bullying situations including my helping my own children when they were younger.

As a parent I wanted to keep my children safe and protect them, which I feel is an instinct that all good parents have, however I soon realised that I required a much better solution that shows them clearly and easily how to protect themselves and  to deal with it by using mental self defence and becoming more confident and assertive and without the need for a physical response to stop it occurring again, which is the case with my own children who have developed into confident and assertive adults who have never again been targeted in their lives – The Bully Safe System was born.

Over the years I’ve developed and refined the system which was taught as Life Skills in the children’s classes of my Martial Arts School and as the system developed I also trained other instructors to do exactly the same thing to get the same results and today the Bully Safe System has developed into a proven system of 21 lessons that’s simply the best anti-bullying system available anywhere, which is designed to effectively deal with conflict, Build Confidence, Self Esteem and Stop Bullies targeting Children and Adults for ever. ~ Nigel Davison

Nigel Davison is the 6th Dan ‘teacher of teachers’ at East West Martial Arts in Northampton and has been teaching martial arts to thousands of students since 1981, many of whom now bring their children to his classes.

He has developed an understanding and knowledge of how to effectively deal with real life conflict situations and interpersonal violence to handle bad, aggressive and violent people, with many of his students being police officers who trust their training with him deal with bad people out there on a daily basis, so that they go home safe to their families.

He Founded BullySafeSystem.com together with Andy Greaves, Geoff Simons and Martyn Haskins to give their students online training in the mental self defence tools and skills to confidently and assertively deal with bullying and interpersonal violence whenever or wherever it may occur without the need for a physical response in over 95% of all situations which is now available for anyone who needs someone who will help more, do more and support more so you can become more and end the nightmare of bullying for good.