Stop Bullying Forever…

The Bully Safe System is a proven system that is simply the Best and Simplest Step-by-Step System available anywhere designed to Build Confidence, Self Esteem and Stop Bullies targeting Children and Adults forever.

If you’re a parent worried about your child being bullied and feel powerless especially if your child’s school has been unresponsive and unhelpful, or you may be an adult facing workplace bullying of any form from other work colleagues or your bosses, you are not alone and we provide the help, advice and training of what to do about it so that it stops forever.

It’s designed with 21 very simple, short, practical video lessons that are straight to the point and best of all are very easy to learn, practice and role-play conflict scenarios so that you learn how to respond to bullies very effectively so you will no longer be a target of Bullies.

Each day your child, or yourself if you are an adult will learn a new lesson and skill designed to change you and transform your life forever without the need to ever become physical in over 95% of all bullying situations, however in life there are always some bullies that are just idiots and may need a stronger physical response to stop the bullying occurring, with lessons that show you how to readjust their attitudes, so that they and anyone else watching will never target you ever again and stop the bullying for good. For Only…

Bully Safe System Video Lessons

Understanding Bullying (Who, Why and How People Get Bullied)

1. What is bullying and who gets bullied
2. Three things required for bullying to occur

Changing You (Becoming More Confident)

3. Communicate with Confidence (6 habits of a confident person)
4. Creating Self Confidence (by changing the way you move, speak and use your physical body)
5. Creating Self Confidence (by changing your mental focus)
6. Creating Self Confidence (by changing your inner belief systems)
7. How to use your Voice Effectively
8. Six Skills for making new friends and being more popular

Dealing With Bullies and Intimidation

9. The ABCD’s of Self Protection (Avoidance, Be Calm, Control the Situation, Defend Yourself)
10. How to handle intimidation when it happens to you
11. How to handle name calling when it happens to you
12. How to become more Assertiveness in Life
13. Use your Words (How to talk to people who try to bully you)
14. Use you Mind (Creating safe habits to defeat the bully)
15. Asking for Help (You do not have to deal with Bullying on your own)

Developing the Physical Presence to Deal Confidently with Bullies

16. Self Defence and the Law
17. Non-Aggressive Assertive Postures (How to stand if you are threatened by a Bully)
18. Let’s get physical ‘Power Games’ (Teaches you how to move and control distance)
19. How to recognise and deal with an imminent physical attack to keep you safe
20. Controlling Fear
21. Dealing with the most likely Physical Attacks should they occur